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Cutting-Edge Workshops

We can't put our finger on it, but this is where entrepreneurs thrive.

Cutting-edge educational program


  Weekly workshops during the 90-Day Accelerator

  Includes Break-out sessions & Strategy Sessions

 Speed Networking and Panel Discussions

✓ Features business experts and influencers

Workshops that work.

Meet business leaders from Google, IBM, NBC, Bloomberg, Shark Tank, and leading investors.


Go Inside NYC's 90-Day Accelerator Program 

2020 Workshops:  Behavioral Profile 

Participants reveal their ideal target market profile and by doing so discover new ways to target, market and communicate. 

2020 Workshops: Alumni Mentors  

Alumni Mentors share their stories, insight, industry knowledge and give back to new cohorts. 

2020 Workshops:  Business Canvas 

Watch 2020 Mentor Vikas Bhatia guide a participant during a workshop that's meant to crystallize the founder's true vision. 

2020 Workshops:  Speed Mentoring

Participants experience breakout sessions within workshops by speed mentoring and speed networking in order to learn how to quickly communicate and identify value. 

2020 Workshops: Panel Discussions 

Experience dynamic workshops that include unfiltered advice from special guest panelists who understand your unique frustrations and challenges. 

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