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2020 Startups organizes a tech summit and VC Lunch at the Canadian Consulate in NY

NYC GLOBAL TECH SUMMIT: Conversations at The Consulate

The event took place on March 20th 2023, for conversations at the Consulate General of Canada featuring a VC Lunch, Executive Panel and Fireside Chat.

The event theme focused on the Future of Tech in a Global Economy.

Presented by 2020 Startups, and The Ontario Canada Trade Office of New York.

Today's event featured VCs from ff Venture Capital and Thomson Reuters Ventures, as well as Executives from American Express, Bloomberg , PepsiCo, WeGro Data, NYC Mayor's Office and the Canadian Consul General of New York!

The 2023 NYC Global Tech Summit aims to explore how decision makers and organizations adapt to emerging technologies during uncertain times. Join us as we explore cross-border economic opportunities with Ontario, Canada, and examine how leaders make decisions in an ever-changing digital age.

Join us at this one-day invite only private event designed for angel investors, venture capitalists, technology executives, government leaders and venture-backed startup founders.

Conversations on Revenue, Capital & Talent:

  • Strategic economic opportunities with Ontario, Canada

  • Global Innovation Challenges & Opportunities for Tech Organizations

  • Market changes in Venture Capital and how to adapt

  • Decision Making and Leadership challenges in today's tech


Welcome Reception | 11:30AM

Event check-in, refreshments and brief networking at the Consulate General’s reception area.

Attendees will gain an executive perspective on topics such as:

  • Technology leadership and decision-making for growth

  • Global strategy for Technology Startups

  • Investment and expansion opportunities in Ontario, Canada

  • Organizational & legal challenges with new technology

VC Lunch & Learn | 12:00PM

Moderated By: Mark Gold, CEO of 90 Day Ventures

VC Lunch Speakers:

  • Joseph Dormani, Founding Principal Investor at Thomson Reuters Ventures

  • Oliver Mitchell, Partner at ff Venture Capital

  • Rick Gilchrist, CEO at WeGro Data

  • David Cunic, CEO at UCS Advisors

Kicking off the conversation on:

  • Exploring challenges and opportunities in VC (Thomson Reuters Ventures)

  • Venture-backed startups are looking at Ontario for customers and talent (WeGro Data)

  • How investments go father in Ontario, Canada (ff Venture Capital)

  • How to raise capital during economic downturns (UCS Advisors)

Fireside chat with The Consul General of Canada | 2:00PM

Moderated By Former White House Official, Rhonda Binda

Gain a deeper perspective on up and coming opportunities and challenges during a fireside chat with the Consul General. Explore the close commercial relationship between The United States and Canada.

Interview with Lawrence Chan, CFO of LiveLike | 2:30PM

Moderated By Charley Ford, Senior Commercial Officer, Government of Ontario in New York

Executive Panel: The Future of Tech in a Global Economy | 3:00PM

Moderated By Chaim Haas, Head of Innovation Communication, Bloomberg

Featured Speakers:

Director Data Science, American Express

Associate General Counsel, Coinbase

Former Chief Editor at Digital.NYC

Former Head of Global Strategy and Business Transformation,

Avis Budget Group

Closing Reception | 4:00PM

Final networking and refreshments served as we say thank you and see you soon.



The Canadian Province of Ontario is the #1 Trading Partner for 19 U.S. States, and #2 for 9 others. Due to this strong economic relationship, the Government of Ontario has strategic trade & investment offices throughout the U.S., including one at the Canadian Consulate in New York. The role of the New York office is to educate and assist North Eastern U.S. companies on market opportunities in Ontario. Opportunities, particularly in the technology space, are plentiful as Ontario is home to the 2nd largest and fastest growing tech hub in North America. With ecosystems supporting innovation in cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Waterloo, the Province is on the cutting edge of technology. This technology is researched, developed and commercialized by highly skilled workers with 71% of Ontario adults possessing a post-secondary education (a rate higher than any OECD country). Many of these Ontario adults earned their degrees from University of Toronto – which is in the Top 20 best universities in the world, and University of Waterloo – whose graduates are 2nd most frequently hired by Silicon Valley companies.


| Global Executive Accelerator

Since 2016, 2020 startups has offered executive education programing focusing on hyper-commercialization for emerging startups. With 350+ alumni from 25 countries and 150+ startups commercialized in the U.S, the accelerator has generated an estimated $450M portfolio of early-stage startups, for the City of New York. Today, 2020 Startups is continuing to spreading it's mission globally by offering an online Global Executive Accelerator; featuring a 3-month Executive masterclass on Technology Leadership, for executives, by executives.


| Innovation Agency

We build future-driven Startup Accelerators, Venture Studios and corporate innovation programs in 90 days. Since 2015, 90 Day Ventures has developed and organized innovation programs with both corporations and government agencies including leading organizations such as Merrill Lynch, Cushman & Wakefield, IBM, Fiver, Microsoft, Wix, the City of New York, the Borough of Queens, the U.S State Department, and the Government of Canada. See our projects here.



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