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2020 Startups Alum Vikram Chopra Co-Founder of Shabodi Raises $10M+ Series A

By Jonah Midanik, COO and General Partner at Forum Ventures

As a venture capitalist at Forum, I’ve seen a lot of innovative tech across the enterprise landscape. One area I see considerable potential in is 5G technology and Advanced Networks (Advanced LTE, Wifi 6 and 6G). Its always-on, zero latency, and high bandwidth capabilities will create an explosion of possibilities for companies everywhere.

Its reliability means companies can confidently invest in technologies that require a fast, dependable network. From smart factories to embedded AI applications, Advanced Networks (Advanced LTE, Wifi 6, and 6G) are revolutionizing the enterprise landscape, opening up a whole new world of possibilities, such as smart factories where everything is controlled by IoT chips and embedded AI applications that make real-time decisions.


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