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The Accelerator Made For You

Globally Competitive. Cost-effective.
Flexible hybrid program.

Highly Personalized and Highly Subsidized. 

3 Month
Accelerated Tech Leadership Program

"Thank you 2020 for lighting a fire under my ..."-Founder,
"I've never seen anything like this-Founder, MiraSaves
"I worked with Mark at 2020 Startups and he has an uncanny ability to convey complex things in a simple manner."
 -CEO, Winspire Inc.
"A no-brainier for international startups looking to join the U.S market
-Cornerstone Ventures 
"Highly recommended; an absolute empowerment program"
-Co-Founder, Outernets
"Painful but productive"
-Founder, CareCent
"I accomplished more here in 2 months than 2 years on my own."
-Founder, Dessert Company
"You'd have to go to Harvard Business School and pay 300k to get these tips-CEO, Gitty
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