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The program's subsidized tuition with a $2,500 scholarship is $5,000 for eligible applicants.

Community of Alumni & Founders

90% subsidized tuition

Membership to 10+ Workspaces

Services cover the entire 90 days

12 Weekly Workshops

Public Relations

Introductions & Partnerships 

Special Events 

Investor Relations

Lifetime Membership

Access to insight and influencers

Weekly Mentor Sessions

What Your 90-Days Will Look Like
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NYC's 90-Day Accelerator program

All About 2020 Startups

2020 Startups is a dynamic entrepreneurial education accelerator providing startups the environment, education and expertise to accelerate success.

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Connect and collaborate with a network of highly sought-after thought-leaders, publicists, business experts and founders. 

How 2020 Startups Works

Take 51 seconds of your time to learn how the 90-day accelerator works.

✓ Entrepreneurship

Understand R&D, finance, marketing, and organizational structure to transform ideas into impact.



✓ Business Ventures

Use business models to restructure your organization, form strategic partnerships, and build successful new ventures.



✓ Lean Business Operations

Streamline business operations through lean innovative thinking to improve customer service, product delivery, and organizational health.



✓ Customer-Centric Strategies

Transform your business into a customer-driven enterprise by restructuring around customer needs. 



✓ Marketing Management

Understand and apply marketing communication  strategies in specific areas such as leadership, management, news media, digital, or social media. 

✓ Growth Hacking Strategies

Understand and apply "back door tactics" to achieve credibility and visibility.



what you will create


  Best practices of negotiations for business development and corporate partnerships

  Innovative go-to-market strategies that appeal to markets, press, partners and investors 

   A value-driven mindset, community-building skills and a competitive advantage 


✓  Networking opportunities through events, partnerships and collaborations


✓  Growth hacking strategies that raise credibility, visibility and market confidence

✓  Scale-able and viable product that produces immediate interest


✓  Exploring the habits of today’s “successful entrepreneurs” and emerging technology


✓  Innovative strategies that eliminate obstacles, and managing risk

what you will gain


  Gain the tools, techniques and a vast executive network you need to engage audiences and inspire action in today’s complex digital world. 


  Ability to compose effective business communications, including proposals, presentations, and reports.


  Learn to deliver clear, concise, and convincing messaging to advance ideas and campaigns toward desired outcomes.


  Master the techniques of public speaking, including message development, content, and persuasive communication.


  Gain access to a high-profile professional network of investors, influencers, industry experts, publicists, and freelancers including highly sought-after industrial designers.


Learn how to achieve specific objectives such as cost reduction and operational efficiency.

✓  Organizational culture that inspires and attracts partners, investors and talent.

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